How Can Virtual Reality Help In Healthcare


Virtual reality is a new and upcoming field of technology and it has been taking the world by storm. Almost all walks of life have started using virtual reality in some way or the other. In the recent Game of Change festival, they had a separate section that was solely dedicated to the advances of virtual reality. This was the booth in which you could watch many people enter into the world of the game that they are currently playing. With the help of google earth virtual reality app, you are also able to visit the destination of your dreams without even stepping a foot out of the country.

It was only a matter of time before virtual reality made its mark in the healthcare websites of the family doctor singapore they will soon become an ardent user of virtual reality in most of its different fields.

Human Simulation

This is a 3D environment that allows many doctors and nurses to interact with each other and also conduct different trainings and drills between them. This allows the doctors to remain up to date with any new techniques or therapies that are upcoming in a safe environment.

Diagnostics Using Virtual Reality

A doctor is able to diagnose the patient in real time with the help of virtual reality in conjecture with other diagnostic methods such as MRIs. This can help reduce a number of invasive procedures the patient would have otherwise had to go through for the sake of diagnosing what is ailing them.

Robotic Surgery

This is one of the regions that makes the best use of virtual reality. The surgery that has to be conducted on the patient done with the help of robots that are controlled by the doctor. The doctor feels like it is he who is doing the surgery however due to the use of a robot it is more precise and there is a lower risk of any complications that may occur. The robot can be programmed in such a way that it is able to apply the perfect amount of pressure while dealing with delicate and risky surgeries. By using virtual reality for surgeries doctors are able to save more and more patients each day.

Management of Pain

There have been studies that have shown that virtual reality has been a great boon in terms of pain management for the patients. It was found that when a patient is immersed in virtual reality the parts of the brain that are usually linked to pain are less active. This helps the patient have a higher pain tolerance even if they are undergoing a painful procedure.

Physical Therapy

When undergoing physical therapy the doctor can keep a track of the patient’s movements and the exercise therapy with the help of VR games. The patient can be more motivated to exercise when it is in the form of a game rather than just exercising in a gym. This helps the patients get better faster and helps with their pain as well as their anxiety.

Phobias and fears

Facing your fears in virtual reality can be easier than facing them in real life. Hence virtual reality is used in many therapies that try to help people with irrational fears and phobias to get over them.


This is one of the fields in which virtual reality is very widely used. The medical students are able to get hands on experience and also learn about different scenarios and complications that can occur during a surgery. This helps the students to be better prepared in real life.

Thus, virtual reality has been able to make a huge impact in the healthcare field.