Useful Tips in Choosing the Right Kind of Doctor for You

Does your family have a personal doctor or do you have your own general practitioner? Some families or some people prefer or make sure that they always have a doctor on call especially during emergency cases. They want to make sure that there is someone who will readily be there in case someone gets injured or gets really sick. This is one way of taking care and being responsible of your health. Sickness and diseases are all around whether we like it or not. We can prevent ourselves from having them but sometimes things get out of hand and these diseases still attack our body despite everything that we’ve done.

One of the most exciting activities that a family does is vacation. However, sometimes we can acquire different kinds of diseases and viruses throughout the journey. Isabel will help us with this matter by sharing to us some medical tips for a tropical living.

Medical Tips for Tropical Living

Ah, the tropics. It has a lot of great perks. We love the all-year-round balmy weather, constant pool time, ease of dressing (or even sans clothes for the kids) and the sun-kissed skin is pretty good too. But with it comes some tropical ailments that need to be managed.

Whether you’ve just moved to Singapore or you’re just returning from holidays, here’s a reminder of a few viral infections and diseases that come with tropical living. These illnesses are 100% preventable and treatment is thoroughly manageable. And your best ally? A friendly, experienced doctor or General Practitioner. If you are not feeling well today, make a trip down to one of the many AcuMed Clinics in Singapore, example the Bedok Clinic for a consultation.

Selecting a GP
Finding a family physician or GP is definitely something to check off your to-do list. Singapore’s healthcare system is a network of public and private healthcare providers, and the Singapore Medical Council strictly regulates medical practice here. At International Medical Clinic, an international team of highly qualified family doctors, paediatricians and registered nurses are ready to help families. IMC’s high standard of medical care extends beyond the clinic doors, and they are able to recommend suitable specialists and other medical service providers that you might need. Their specialist paediatric clinic is tailor made for kids, with a warm environment and gentle doctors well-versed in children’s health in Singapore. Read more here.

Those are really some of the common diseases and viruses that we could acquire from traveling to other places. Good thing that Isabel provided us with some pieces of information about what this diseases/viruses are, how we get them, how we prevent them, and how we treat them.

Aside from treating several kinds of illnesses, there are other reasons why people consult a doctor and one of these is for beauty reasons. People undergo several surgeries and treatments to maintain beauty. However, we should really choose the right clinic and doctor for this matter. It is not easy, but Radium Medical Aesthetic will give us five tips in choosing the right aesthetic clinic and doctor for you.

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Aesthetic Clinic for You

Medical Aesthetic Clinic: How To Choose One?

A seemingly harmless botox and filler treatment could turn into a disaster for someone who wants to undergo a convenient anti-aging treatment with minimal downtime. “In the last few years of my practice, I have seen a fair share of medical aesthetic treatments gone wrong.” says Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics. “On one hand, I see so many cases of frozen and overly-filled faces. At the other end of the spectrum, I see people complaining that they paid so much but don’t see any visible, long-lasting results.”

The desire to look better is amongst both men and women is fuelling a huge rise in the number of medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore. With the rise in the number of medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore, consumers like yourselves are spoilt for choice. How do you then decide which clinic is able to cater to your specific need and determine which doctor is experienced in the treatment you are interested in?

Dr. Siew shares with us some tips on how to choose a suitable aesthetic clinic so that you can set your mind at ease knowing that you are in good hands  Read more here.

Great! Now, men and women already know what to find when trying to look for the right aesthetic clinic for them. This is helpful especially if you are really delicate with your skin. In addition, if you need some more useful information about doctors and clinics in Singapore, Dr. Tan Kok Kuan will enumerate some for you. Let us read below.

How to go about seeing a doctor in Singapore

I decided to write this piece to help the uninitiated navigate their way through the Singapore medical system.

On the whole, it is extremely convenient to see a doctor in Singapore. Most Family Physicians or GPs operate walk in clinics. Most specialists require an appointment but they would also accept walk in patients if their clinics are not too busy.

So let’s get started,

You have just moved into your brand new apartment in Singapore, happily unpacking your stuff when Oh My God all of a sudden your child falls and hurts his arm. Read more here.

That was really helpful. We now have some contact numbers which we could really use for different matters. We are unsure of the future that is it is always better to be prepared. We may say that we don’t need them now, but who knows what will happen next. Nevertheless, we should still choose the right doctors for us. Having a general practitioner is a very helpful thing, but we must be sure that they are eligible for doing the task. Remember that it is you and your family’s health at risk.  Better yet be sure that your doctors are good and reliable.