If you think you need to see a hand therapist, you may be right

If you think you need to see a hand therapist, you may be right.

In today’s digital age, many of us have played doctor on our own symptoms. You can simply go online and consult the Internet on what you’re feeling. There are thousands of medical websites that will list symptoms; however, nothing beats seeing a professional who has had years of medical training. Honestly, how many times have you checked the Internet for a headache, only to end up diagnosing yourself with lupus? When it comes to health issues it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals. So, if you feel any pain or loss of movement in your upper extremities, then, it is best to go ahead and see someone who is trained and certified like a hand therapist.

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You deserve the attention of a hand therapist

Do you need to get a grip, literally? If you are recovering from a thumb injury or a broken finger or have trouble gripping, pinching or grasping due to arthritis; this lack of mobility and pain can interfere with your everyday activities. You may be asking yourself, “do I need to see a hand therapist?”. Read more here!

If the pain that you are feel is recurring, it is best to see a therapist. You should not suffer silently hoping it would go away because in such cases, things often go from bad to worse. Sometimes, you may not feel pain at all but there can be difficulty in moving the wrists or fingers. In some cases, you have someone who was recently involved in an accident so they let time heal the injury, only to find out that they have not fully recovered. Before that happens to you, it is best to see a hand therapist. A certified hand therapist can also make sure you take the most non-invasive and least-costly route to complete healing. The team at Maryland Orthopedic Specialists has written an article that lists down the top reasons on why you need to put your trust on a certified hand therapist.

A certified hand therapist can help assess and improve your condition without the help of surgery

Going under the knife can be stressful. There’s anesthesia, more recovery time, and the possibility that the procedure won’t work. If you want to explore every possible avenue before going the surgical route, then a CHT’s care is just what you need. CHTs provide movement-based therapeutic solutions. Read more here!

What you get from seeing a certified hand therapist (CHT) is a professional who specializes in non-invasive and conservative treatment plans. Surgery is often an expensive option that not many of us want to take. Apart from the cost, it also requires a period of recovery. A client often needs to put their lives on hold to ensure they recuperate affecting their work and relationships. Finally, it can also take a toll not only on the client but also on their family and friends. It isn’t surprising at all that most people would rather not go through surgery. This is why CHTs are highly recommended because you are in the care of someone who will exhaust all treatment plans before taking the surgical route. In some cases, physicians and other therapists must refer a client to a hand therapist. Here is an article written by Breanne Bowers on the common diagnoses that must be referred to a CHT.

Physicians and other therapists need the specialty of certified hand therapists

Both physicians and other therapists should always consider a CHT for clients with complex upper extremity conditions, especially distal to and including the elbow joint. Read more here!

A client who experiences some form of upper extremity condition needs a network of doctors and medical practitioners who work together to provide them the best care possible. Most cases of post-surgery rehabilitation are referred to hand therapists; however, referrals can extend beyond that. There are diagnoses that can successfully be rehabilitated by a hand therapist. Physicians and therapists should refer clients to a hand therapist as part of their treatment plan.

To conclude, you should not hesitate to consult a hand therapist whenever you feel any pain in your upper extremities. Doing so can mean improvement to your quality of life. See a hand therapist especially if you are looking for non-surgical options. While some cases will need surgery, your hand therapist will only choose this option if all else fails. Doctors and other therapists too should be on the lookout for diagnoses that can be referred to a hand therapist. After all, a client’s well-being requires the specialization and combined efforts of a network of doctors and other medical practitioners.