What to Consider While Recovering from Anal Surgery?

After anal surgery, you have to be careful about the diet you consume. This can have a significant impact on your health. Therefore, only after suitable consultation with your physician, you can then follow your diet. 

Tips for diet after surgery 

  • Stay hydrated and limit your alcohol consumption 
  • Try to include more fibre supplements in case the fibres are missing from your diet 
  • Try to eat food items that are fibre rich like fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits that help prevent problems of constipation in the post recovery period.

How some tips can help in the after surgery period?

In order to cope up during the postoperative period, the following tips can help you maintain suitable health:

  1. Make sure you have smooth and regular bowel movements. It shall make the healing process a fast and easy one without the chance of discomfort or pain.
  2. A week before the surgery, try to include softeners like Colace or Docusate which are fibre supplement. It helps in having a well-formed and soft bowel movement. 
  3. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids. This way, colon can maintain suitable water balance and stay hydrated preventing problems of constipation and difficulty in stool movement. 
  4. The pain and discomfort in the colon area occur due to difficulty in bowel movement. To get relief from pain, you can use hot water immersing pelvis when you sit on the toilet. This way, you can continue for 6 to 9 times daily to get better results and comfort.
  5. You should know the ways for pain control and this, it is better to discuss in detail with your health provider. Taking the right medicine can help reduce the inflammation and eliminate the chance of constipation. Be careful about the medications you take so that you can have the right impact from it.
  6. Most of the medicines contain narcotics that can result in constipation problems. Therefore, if you require taking a lot of medicines, it is necessary to take medicines that help in easy bowel movement. Therefore, the main purpose is to avoid constipation.

What are the pain relief remedies to follow after anal surgery?

It is recommended to take the medicine after every three to four hours when you feel the pain. However, in case the pain increases you can consult your physician to check whether you are taking the right dose of the medicine or not. 

Apply cream to anus that has been prescribed by the physician after an interval of two to four hours. This shall help in quick recovery in the postoperative period. 

You can expect the pain to diminish after a week or two provided you go through suitable diet and follow proper medication. 

It is better to take hot water bath and soak for 20 minutes at least three times a day. However, there is no maximum limit for this and you can do it for as many times you want to reduce pain.